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How Travelers Display Memories as Decor at Home

Come take a little peek at the printed decor we made after out last trip. Some are tucked away on my coffee table or elegantly displayed on a shelf, but all of them make me smile and reminisce about our European adventure. Whatever memories you capture, there are many elegant ways to display them with Mixbook. For a few ideas, here are the… Top 3 Ways Travelers Display Memories in their Home

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Why I would NEVER stay at the Azulik Tulum HOTEL again...

The Azulik Tulum has a reputation as one of the most unique jungle getaways in the world. The rustic tree-houses transport you back in time with woven stick nests and ocean view canopies. But the dream might be limited to Instagram, as I pull back the curtain on this eco-chic resort that has no electricity, forbids camera pictures, and doesn’t allow you to flush toilet paper down the toilet. Read on for an honest review of… Why I would never stay at the Azulik Tulum again.

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Travel Guide: Tulum’s Top 20

Known for its white sandy beaches and laid-back vibe, Tulum has transformed over the past few years into an eco-luxury getaway and favorite escape for Americans. But before you lay back & start sipping on that pineapple mojito, I encourage you to check out my full list of favorites with… my Tulum Travel Guide!

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Capturing memories is fun! But printing & organizing them... not so much.

 Well, I 've got a surprise for you guys... Making a photo book doesn’t have to be daunting anymore… with artfully designed templates by Mixbook. Come check out the stunning hardcover photo album I made for Nick of our Europe trip earlier this year. Plus… I’m also sharing 5 Tips for Making the Perfect Photo Album!

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A Weekend of Luxury at the Nobu Hotel Marbella

With summer just on the horizon, you might be looking into locations for your next escape... please look no further than Marbella! If I could recommend anywhere in the entire world it would be this quaint town during a tour around Spain. Grazing the southern coast, you'll find a sunny oasis with turquoise waters, premium dining, luxury shopping, night life and much more. 

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Travel with Organic Skincare

The adventurer in me is always ready to pack up a bag and visit somewhere new. Although I love wandering along my travels… wondering, “how am I going to take care of my skin?” or “what is even in this product,” isn’t on the itinerary. With that - I’m excited to share a few of the travel sized organic skincare products that I’ve been using lately.

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