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My 27th Birthday Bucket List!

Some of us have an internal bucket list we occasionally think about around birthdays and New Years. Often I find writing them down is a good start to actually accomplishing them, but having a deadline even more actionable. So this year, as I’m on the subway commuting to a meeting I'm reflecting on what my heart is yearning to check off it’s bucket list in this next year & sharing it with you!

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The Blog Sweat Test - 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Blogger

So you are interested starting your own blog - this is so exciting! You should totally listen to that little creative voice in your head wanting a platform that is all your own. With many questions about my personal blogging journey, I've teamed up with Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant to share more! I also made a Blog Sweat Test below to help you guys figure out if you are ready to get started on your own brand! 

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Keep it simple. Keep it silly

You might think being silly is just for kids, but that light-hearted carefree feeling can actually be good for you and your relationships. There definitely is a time and place for "adulting", but being serious all of the time can lead to an unhealthy heaviness... and you don't want that. Find out the reasons you need a extra scoop of silly in your day and also three games you can play to facilitate some fun. 

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