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3 Reasons why falling in love on The Bachelor is similar to meeting "the one" on an airplane 

Caila Quinn with Roses
Caila Quinn with Roses

Every Monday night with the switch of a button you sit in front of your window and spend a few hours just watching. The clouds smile back at you as your thumb pulls for the attention of your chunky sweater’s sleeve. You buckle up. Thirty pairs of heels board the plane, some a little noisier then others… and they all want the attention of one man. Hidden behind door number one, ladies and gentleman, a dashing frequent flyer of charm and whit is our very own pilot. A man you can trust will take you wherever you want to go in life… and sources say he is looking for a wife. 

By now you probably landed upon the conclusion that this is a metaphor for filming of the utopian love story that is ABC’s The Bachelor. A reality show that some might say isn’t reality at all. Well I’m here to extend a complimentary ticket into why falling in love on The Bachelor isn’t much different then boarding an airplane - you just have to be ready for takeoff. 

Remember that trip you booked a while back? I forget where you were flying… hmm.. well it doesn't really matter, because you are going to hate me either way. I actually signed you up to be on the show. I sent the producers your application and some cute selfies from your vacation last year and they love you… and I’m not surprised. 

All you have to do is board the plane and your match will be sitting right next to you - trust me you’re going to adore them. Just be yourself and relax. You won’t even notice the cameras, promise. 

Now the funny thing is any everyday person can fall in love with a random stranger on one airplane flight… the same way a man falls in love with a woman coming out of a limo. Here are three reasons why…

3 Reasons why falling in love on The Bachelor is similar to meeting "the one" on an airplane

1. Anticipation & Fate

You’ve been excited to go on this trip for a while. You sip endorphins and positive energy from the grande latte you splurged on. The time finally comes for you to find your seat. Fidgeting with the magazine in the front pocket, you wait to see who walks down the aisle. You flutter with excitement for who it might be… and then… you see them. holy wow…. (insert shy monkey covering eyes emoji) Your eyes blush knowing you get to spend the next few hours chatting - like fate meant for you to meet in this way. 

2. No Distractions

On most airplanes you don’t have a cell signal. Wifi. Internet. All you have is what you packed and maybe a little casual conversation from the cute dimples sitting next to you. Now you could choose to pop in your earbuds or you could captivate an intreating individual with the same destination with a story. You have the gift of quality time. The set of The Bachelor is no different… it’s all about making the most of the time you have together. 

3. Same Expectations  

What I love about The Bachelor is you both know what the terms of the relationship are going into it. You sign up to date a man who is dating other women and in exchange you meet someone who is ready to settle down. No guessing if they are ready. No guessing what they might be doing with their time when you aren’t with them - you already know. 

When you board an airplane you have certain expectations as well. You know there is someone on the other side that they could choose to talk to instead of you. You know how much time you are going to spend together. And once the journey ends and the plane has landed there is a crossroads where you both make a decision to explore this feeling or not accept fate’s thornless rose. 

Love is quite simple actually. It’s about making the most of the present and not being afraid to put yourself out there with a stranger. You may think these thirty women have their heads in the clouds if they are all dating one man. In reality we are all on the same plane looking for the same feeling - love, we are just watching from two rows back. 

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