Like Paradise, I'm Not Perfect

It's Monday and somewhere in Mexico Jorge is mixing up a Mojito in a tropical button down in preparation for tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise. 

With last week’s tidal wave of events, I thought I might lend my sandals and invite you to join me on a walk down the beaches of Paradise


The ocean's warm breath whispers, "good morning." It has only been two days since you greeted Mr. Harrison and cautiously walked down a stone path toward what you could only hope would be love. In those two days, you have hugged old friends, laughed with new ones, and met a man who feels like a guide holding your hand through this chaotic jungle. 

It rained. And when it rained, it poured. 

The thunder in your heart pounds at the sight of another woman's tears. I am so sorry. And even saying those words, you know they could never be enough. 

Later that night, you dip your feet in the cool waters of conversation. Listening to this joyous man's love for cinema and the art of story telling. Surrounding yourself with a fellow romantic, you accept a thornless rose.


This brings you to the morning of tonight's episode.

It has only been two days since you met the cute man holding your hand. Even after the novel-esque horseback ride into the sunset - that butterfly feeling is missing, but his kind and humble heart is telling you to trust him... 

The whole reason you are here is to find love and on top of questioning your feelings - you have already been the cause of two friends' heartbreak. Leaving you feeling guilty. Wanting to wash away their pain, but at the end of the day... it is their personal journey. Feeling a little confused, all you want to do is not hurt anyone else's feelings... 

Optimistic for the days ahead, you take a deep breath.. and try to enjoy the funny characters of Bachelor Season's past.

But before the first sip of mimosa graces your lips... trouble arrives...