How To Have a Bachelor Inspired Spa Night

Bachelor Spa Night with Organic Doctor and Caila Quinn
Bachelor Inspired Spa Night with Organic Doctor and Caila Quinn


Hey there hopeful romantics, 

Anyone else still watch The Bachelor on Monday nights? With the new season right around the corner, a wonderful way to show self-love is to take time to relax and enjoy the process of skincare once a week... while watching your favorite tv show perhaps? 

The rose has been a symbol of love for centuries and carries a subtle floral note... what a better scent to help you unwind. The British brand Organic Doctor® makes an amazing collection of Rose Otto skincare products with firming and smoothing qualities for our little at home spa night. Sharing 6 steps to creating the perfect Bachelor inspired night of relaxation - read below and let me know if there's anything else you would recommend! 

with love caila

p.s. This might sound like a Bachelor date destination, but this line of organic skincare sources all of their roses from Bulgaria! Read that little fun fact as I was wearing the Rose Otto Face Mask & couldn't help but share ☺️🌹


Organic Doctor
Organic Doctor

Pre-Episode Essentials 

1. Bouquet of roses & a candle 

Wouldn't be the Bachelor if you didn't have a beautiful setting. Plus there is something calming and therapeutic about removing all of the leaves and arranging a bouquet in your own home. For a budget friendly bouquet head to the grocery store for flowers or even a fresh scented candle will do. 

Little fun fact: The roses in front of the Bachelor Mansion aren't real... 

2. Turn on a romantic playlist

Don't be afraid to hum along, as your mind unwinds to your favorite song. Mute the commercials & enjoy a calming soundtrack instead.  

3. Pour the wine

A classic Bachelor pairing. On the show we would film for hours and wine allowed for slow sips and fruitful conversation. Red wine is also known for it's anti-aging benefits due to compounds in the grapes... but enough talk, just enjoy. 

Let the Rose Ceremony Begin 

4. Hot face towel... yes please!

Dampen a small face towel & ring out excess water. Microwave on a plate for 30 seconds and add some rose essential oil for a spa aroma. There is nothing like feeling a warm damp towel to wash the stress away. Then take a few deep breaths. 

5. Face Mask.. my favorite part

The big Ahhh... moment. Detox your pores then leave soft and smooth skin behind. Been loving this Organic Doctor® Rose Otto Face Mask because of the lovely scent and how it makes my skin feel so fresh after. Leave on for 10ish minutes and feel free to wash off during a commercial break. 

6. Body Massage

While in bed.. massage the aches out of your legs and feet with the Organic Doctor® Rose Otto Skin Lotion. I often forget to moisturize my body, but once a week it gets a little pampering with this hydrating lotion leaving a romantic rose scent behind. 


Bachelor Inspired Spa Night with Organic Doctor and Caila Quinn
Caila Quinn & Organic Doctor



Would love to hear about what you think of this Bachelor Inspired Spa Night?

Did I miss anything? Share your thoughts below.


p.s. I've been using Organic Doctor® for a few month now & I highly recommend for anyone looking for a skincare line with premium ingredients at an reasonable price point. Find these products at your local CVS or online at Amazon.


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