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The Blog Sweat Test - 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Blogger

So you are interested starting your own blog - this is so exciting! You should totally listen to that little creative voice in your head wanting a platform that is all your own. With many questions about my personal blogging journey, I've teamed up with Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant to share more! I also made a Blog Sweat Test below to help you guys figure out if you are ready to get started on your own brand! 

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Keep it simple. Keep it silly

You might think being silly is just for kids, but that light-hearted carefree feeling can actually be good for you and your relationships. There definitely is a time and place for "adulting", but being serious all of the time can lead to an unhealthy heaviness... and you don't want that. Find out the reasons you need a extra scoop of silly in your day and also three games you can play to facilitate some fun. 

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28 Day Fitness Challenge - Win a Year’s Supply of… 

Anyone else need a little more motivation these days to work out? For the past few months I’ve put fitness on the back burner to coffee dates, late night work sessions, and that infamous feeling of, “I’ll start next Monday.” This February, I’m partnering with Tampax Pearl Active and Walgreen’s - committing to 28 Days of Fitness! Would love for you to join me as we give away a year's supply of... 

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