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Caila Quinn Organic Skincare Travel Beauty
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Hey Traveler, 

The adventurer in me is always ready to pack up a bag and visit somewhere new. Although I love wandering along my travels… wondering, “how am I going to take care of my skin?” or “what is even in this product,” isn’t on the itinerary. With that - I’m excited to share a few of the travel sized organic skincare products that I’ve been using lately.

Before I pack for a trip I usually go around the corner to my local CVS to stock up on the necessities and there you’ll be able to find a new skincare line from Britain that just launched in the U.S.!  

Organic Doctor® is a new skincare brand that sources organic materials from around the world. You won’t find harsh chemicals or artificial colors in any products, they are mainly made with Aloe Vera as the focal ingredient - supporting a natural moisture balance for your skin. 


Caila Quinn Organic Skincare Travel Beauty


So what TO use and when? 

Pre Travel

Prep your skin the night before with a moisturizing creme. After gently washing your face during your nightly routine, generously apply the soothing Organic Doctor Snail Gel Creme to create a protective barrier before flight. I love using this at night all over my face and neck for firmer skin in the morning. 

Why snail gel? 

Yes, I said SNAIL GEL! I know it sounds crazy, but I first saw one of The Bachelor Producers using the product in his Instagram Story after a trip to Japan. Of course I trust him, so my curiosity probed me to want to try it out. After some research I learned that the secretion of the snail has Helix Aspersa Muller… a unique substance known for it’s soothing and anti-aging properties. Organic Doctor has a full collection of snail gel products you can try and you can find them at your local CVS or on Amazon. The snail gel creme is just my travel favorite. 


On the Plane

An airplane’s cabin has the moisture level of a desert, so I use an under eye creme while in the air. Organic Doctor’s Rose Otto Eye Serum is the perfect travel size moisturizer that I find quite calming as it softens under the eyes. Regardless the length of the flight, I want to look alert and awake when I get off the plane and the best way to do that is to prevent under eye wrinkles and bags.. even if they were the kind of bags you didn’t have to check on 😉. 


During the Trip

Nightly apply the Rose Otto essential oil for balanced hydration. Our skin has natural oils that we strip off when we wash them at night. I like to apply a few drops of the Organic Doctor Rose Otto facial serum to my face as a way to deeply lock in moisture before bed. Weather can be unpredictable when we travel so having an essential oil restores my skin’s natural moisture balance over night. My go to travel product - plus it smells like roses! 


Caila Quinn Organic Skincare Travel Beauty
Caila Quinn Organic Skincare Travel Beauty
Caila Quinn Organic Skincare Travel Beauty


Organic Doctor has a ton of other products that I use at home and you might like, but thought I would highlight my travel favorites as I zip up my carryon before my next trip. 

Comment below and let me know if you end up packing along the Rose Otto facial serum or eye serum - I would share mine if I could, but hopefully a CVS isn’t too far away. 

p.s. One secret tip, try keeping your snail gel creme in the fridge so it is chilled to the touch before applying - it will be nice and cool before bed and you’ll have a soothing “ahhhh” moment. 

With Love Caila