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How Travelers Display Memories as Decor at Home

Come take a little peek at the printed decor we made after out last trip. Some are tucked away on my coffee table or elegantly displayed on a shelf, but all of them make me smile and reminisce about our European adventure. Whatever memories you capture, there are many elegant ways to display them with Mixbook. For a few ideas, here are the… Top 3 Ways Travelers Display Memories in their Home

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Make this Holiday Exceptional with the Warm Gift of Nespresso

After welcoming the VertuoPlus Nespresso machine into our home, our kitchen has become quite the Parisian Café. Each festive & convenient capsule leaves guests lingering and I cherish that people feel at home here. Because I love mine so much, I’m wrapping one up for someone I love! Nespresso makes an outstanding gift for any coffee lover… are you ready to GIFT THE EXCEPTIONAL!? ✨

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Capturing memories is fun! But printing & organizing them... not so much.

 Well, I 've got a surprise for you guys... Making a photo book doesn’t have to be daunting anymore… with artfully designed templates by Mixbook. Come check out the stunning hardcover photo album I made for Nick of our Europe trip earlier this year. Plus… I’m also sharing 5 Tips for Making the Perfect Photo Album!

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