Will You Accept this Bachelor Bracket?

Caila Quinn with Roses

The moment we've all been waiting for - Season 21 of ABC's the Bachelor is finally here! I'm crossing my fingers Nick finds love, but just like you I haven't a clue what's going to happen. 

After seeing all of the announcements about ABC's new partnership with ESPN to create an official Fantasy Bachelor League my competitive nature couldn't stop me from wanting to join in the fun! So I thought this might be a fun way we could keep up with the new season together.

will you accept this bachelor bracket? 

It's really easy!

Here are 4 quick steps to get you in my Fantasy League & each week I'll be answering questions & announcing giveaways here on withlovecaila.com

Step 1: Visit the ABC Bachelor Fantasy League here

Step 2: Click Play & create your login info 

Mine is CailaQuinnSeason20 if you see me :) 

Step 3: Join the With Love, Caila Group

Click Groups in the top bar, then in the Search Groups bar type "With Love, Caila" 

Step 4: Play today's Week 1 game of predictions to win extra points

Predictions Close at 7:59PM EST Today!

p.s. you don't need to know your final four picks for hometown dates till Jan 16th, so we still have 2 weeks to feel the girls out


STEP 1 & 2

The Bachelor Bracket


The Bachelor Bracket


The Bachelor Bracket
The Bachelor - Caila Quinn Roses