Why I would NEVER stay at the Azulik Tulum HOTEL again...

Caila Quinn Azulik Hotel Tulum Review



When planning my trip to Tulum, I was so excited when my friend suggested staying in the eco-resort, Azulik Tulum. Promises of luxury convinced me as I scrolled through their enchanting Instagram feed and I dreamt of the sunset adventures to come. While it’s true that Azulik Tulum was just as breath-taking in person, the rest of my expectations fell flat to the point that I feel compelled to share my experience. Here’s why…


🌴The simple truth: Booking a room at the Azulik Tulum is all about how cool the rustic property looks.

Upon arrival, the staff is attentive and makes you feel welcome in their jungle resort. You’re greeted with a ceremony in which incense is wafted around your body as you take deep breaths and find a state of relaxation. I was genuinely in awe of the handmade bamboo treehouse villas that make you feel one with nature. The patio of our bungalow consists of a jacuzzi lined with colorful mosaic tiles - a beautiful spot for unwinding to the ocean breeze. There’s no electricity or wi-fi, so it’s a great place to disconnect from the world. Because of this, ordering room service is a unique and fun task straight out of a Swiss Family Robinson novel. To do so, you write your order on a little piece of paper put it inside a ball and drop it in a tube outside your room. We spend the day enjoying delicious fresh ceviche and spicy margaritas on the beach where clothes are optional. When the sun rests for the night, turn down service lights dozens of candles to illuminate your room and create a romantic atmosphere.

Possible celebrity sightings and pampering round out my positive feelings toward Azulik. If you’re looking for an experiential jungle escape to really disconnect from the world and be transported back in time, this could be a good place for you. Unfortunately, for me, this is where the positive traits end.

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Azulik describes its wooden paths as twisting and turning to allow the jungle to grow freely around it lit by candlelight to create a natural ambiance. My translation: time to walk down a narrow and sandy trail in the middle of the night… get bit by mosquitoes… to find the communal shower. I personally feel that the rate Azulik Tulum is asking for per night ($600 USD - $5600) justifies more amenities such as having an in-suite shower and being able to flush toilet paper down the toilet.

Womp… Womp… this to me is where the eco-chic hotel model feels more like a grungy hostel.

Azulik isn’t the only hotel to move towards sustainability and protecting the environment, which is an important cause I can get behind. However, these restrictions at Azulik are not enforced at other eco-resorts. Casa Malca, Habitas Tulum, and Mulkan Resort are other well-known eco-resorts that actually offer amenities that we are accustomed to in 2019 and who’s experiences are far more chic. Knowing the hype around the resort and going into this trip with high expectations, I was disappointed with what was being offered.

A strict camera policy at Azulik Tulum means, “Click it 📸= you get a ticket”

When it comes to taking photos, don’t expect to feel welcomed here. At the sight of a non-smartphone camera, the staff will threaten that they are going to charge you an additional $5,000 US dollars. Not only did I feel uncomfortable, but they said they charged it to my room without even warning me first. If they would’ve mentioned this rule upon checking in or had signs hung around the premises, I would’ve taken this into account and obliged. Instead, I was scolded like a child which in turn did not make me feel like a valued guest. Thankfully, Azulik did not end up charging us this fee, but the way the situation had unfolded - ruined my stay at the hotel. As a guest paying this much for a room, I feel I should be able to take photos on my camera. Upon further research, flash photography is not allowed in “order to protect the turtles during breeding season.” Yes, those quotes are to negate a sarcastic tone. I suggest that Azulik explain guidelines for what photography is allowed upon check-in and trust their guests to follow these rules and not use flash.

Caila Quinn Azulik Hotel Tulum Review

So, Would I Stay Here Again? 

If it isn’t obvious, the answer is NO. I’ve never experienced such a disconnect in price and value. For me, the word “resort” is a misleading moniker for the Azulik Tulum. After spending hours dreaming on their Instagram, this stay was far from a dream. The cheapest room is $600 a night and the room average is about $1200, which is more than some people’s rent.

When searching the internet, you’ll find positive reviews for sure - but the majority are from visitors that just ate at the restaurant and didn’t choose to splurge on an overnight stay. Bloggers & Influencers might rave about the photogenic resort, but I guarantee they were staying on the property for free… or at a significantly discounted press rate.

For the over-hyped amenities provided, experience being scolded for wanting to take a picture, and high price per night, I cannot recommend this resort to you in good conscience. If anything came out of this experience, I hope I saved one of you from feeling like you wasted money… or worse, your valuable time… staying at the Azulik Tulum.

My Recommendation to you

When visiting Tulum, I recommend staying in another hotel along the shoreline where you can get the same sun-kissed tan and ocean breeze without paying an arm and a leg. You can still visit the Kin Toh restaurant on the Azulik Tulum property and take photos (like the ones below) over a tropical drink to get the experience of this treehouse-jungle getaway.

This relaxing beach town is such a fun escape with activities for everything you’re craving, so don’t let this review dissuade you from making Tulum your next vacation destination! 🌴

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Caila Quinn Azulik Hotel Tulum Review
Caila Quinn Azulik Hotel Tulum Review

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