Will They Like You a Latte? Your order & you


I’ve gone out for coffee a half a dozen times in the past few weeks and I’m enjoying easing my way back into dating… one cup at a time. They don’t take too long and if we run out of conversation we have people watching to fall back on.

New York Coffee Shop


Through these coffee convos and chats with baristas, I’ve picked up on a few trends and I wanted to ask you,

“Do you think that what you order can be a reflection of the kind of person you are?” 


The Black Coffee - Minimalist, no frills person that like to keep things classic. You judge the half-calfs and no-foams of the world, but some might call you boring.


Despite the stimulation of caffeine, my first coffee date had me sleeping as he listed all of the things he had to do that week. It was the polite Ohian in me that asked. He is very much a black coffee. 


The Espresso - Leader, go-getter that likes to be efficient. You like the taste of coffee and maybe one day you’ll be able to slow down and enjoy a cup. 


I haven’t been on a date with an espresso yet, I think they keep passing me by. 


The Latte - Laid back, easy going drinker that likes to take their time and ponder over each cup. You can sometimes be indecisive so you stick to the “can’t go wrong” default drink. 


You might not be surprised to hear that I’m a skim latte kinda girl.


The Cold Brew - Trendy, you respect something that is well crafted. Enjoying the bold flavors of life - you value being unique and like to stand for something… even if that is anti-Starbucks. 


If you are a New Yorker, you probably live or want to live in Brooklyn. I dated a Cold Brew and found their strict views on specific topics to be inflexible, but maybe that doesn’t mean all cold brews are that way - might just need to find one with a little more sugar. 


"I'm 6 - months - single," I joke with my girlfriends. As if our local Starbucks houses a club meeting where we share stories of our singlebriety. Through our laughter, I notice that the planned dates I make - that once involved elaborate dinners or experiences are consistently shorter encounters. I only make time from one cup... I don't know if that's because I'm trying to be efficient or if dating is just losing its luster. I default to meeting where it required the least effort. Maybe this is a sign that I need to be single, single. 

Like building a tolerance to the boost of caffeine, where did the flutter of ‘I think I have a crush on you’ go?

The coffee date hasn't gone out of style. But as humans we need to break routines if we want a different outcome. I'll grab a cup with a man again, but after meeting several Black Coffees and Cold Brews - I'm going to wait until I like someone a latte ☕😉



With love Caila

p.s. An off the shoulder top & choker necklace makes for a great date look. It's my go-to & feel free to scroll down to the bottom for more ideas. 


New York Coffee Shop
New York Coffee Shop



Photography by Alea Lovely