Turkey Day Letter.


Dear Grammie & Grandpa, 

Happy Thanksgiving! You probably have already been up for a few hours... apricot jam on toast in one hand and a newspaper in the other. I'm up early too... don't think that is genetic, but I like to think you passed on the early bird trait to me. Sitting here cross legged on the floor with my hot tea and chocolate, I'm flipping through some worn photos and thinking about the big question of the day... what am I thankful for? 

There are moments that come to mind.. when my feet dangled in the back seat of your car. Summer's warm breath would sing along with us to the old cassettes faithful tune. Your paired silhouette, pointing out the local shop where you get your fresh squeezed Florida orange juice or the old bridge where you would take us to watch manatees. It's in these memories, I dance in gratitude with the two of you. 

So to answer today's big question, I'm thankful for... family traditions.

They keep me grounded. You have gifted me a treasure chest of memories sewn together by traditions of cribbage and travel, romantic ideals and humble conversation. It felt like my little family of four moved every year of my childhood, but during any visit I could always look forward to the same early morning glass of extra pulp orange juice with you. 

A friend of mine recently said to me, "In your life, you will never regret visiting your grandparents." I've felt that way for a while, but I think I needed the reminder. Peonies in hand, please plan on a knock on the door soon.

With love, 




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Caila Quinn holding Turkey Cookie for Thanksgiving
Caila Quinn smiling holing Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie
Caila Quinn Thanksgiving Cookies
Thanksgiving Cookie Doughnut Dessert Plate
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Caila Quinn Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie Smile
Caila Quinn Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie Smile