Stepping into Wedding Season with DSW

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Caila Quinn the bachelor wedding season shoe selects Los Angeles California
Caila Quinn The Bachelor DSW Shoes Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas
Caila Quinn The Bachelor DSW Shoes Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

So, you’re invited to a wedding to watch the perfect pair say, “I do”. When you get the invitation in the mail there are so many questions that follow your excitement. What exactly is “dressy casual”? What kind of shoes should I wear? What kind of gift should I get?

I just went to a wedding in L.A. and all of these questions rushed through my mind. Of course, I turned to the one place that has endless options for wedding season: DSW! I also spoke to my friend Brittany Lo who’s a wedding makeup artist and a beauty contributor on how put your soles at ease and to answer these three most asked questions before attending a wedding.


Caila Quinn The Bachelor DSW Orange Heels Shoes Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas
Caila Quinn The Bachelor DSW Shoes Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

When an invitation asks for a certain attire…

Caila Quinn The Bachelor DSW Shoes Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas
Caila Quinn The Bachelor DSW Shoes Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Black Tie –

  • For ladies, classic heels with a floor length gown and complementary accessories are a must. I love my Vince Camuto Bevveyn Sandal and the bright orange color to give it that pop. Also, it has a sturdy strap and mini block heel to keep my shoes on my feet while I’m dancing the night away. Men should also be dressed to the nines, including a tuxedo with a bow tie.


    Black Tie Optional –

    • Don’t let this name confuse you. Black tie optional is still formal, but slightly less dressy than black tie. This attire still requires statement heels with either a floor length or nice cocktail dress. The optional part is more for the men, who can opt to wear a tux or a nice, dark suit.


    Cocktail –

  • Cocktail attire gives you more freedom to show some personality. You can throw on some fun Wedges and a flowy cocktail dress in a nice material to give it a formal feel. If it’s a day wedding, the Tommy Hilfiger Witt Wedge is perfect for a spring and summer weather. It’s super comfortable and the wedge gives the perfect platform and height to dance around in. The men can wear a linen suit.


    Dressy Casual -

  • Generally seen paired with weddings in outdoor venues, like a beach or a garden, this dress code allows you to have a bit more fun with your clothing materials, prints, and colors. Feel free to wear colorful heels or neutral slides with a flowy cocktail dress or a boho-style dress. The woven material of the Dolce Vita Ezra mule is effortlessly chic. Also, the tan color and the pointed toe makes me feel like I have legs for days – plus, neutral goes with everything!


    If you’re still debating what to wear or an invitation doesn’t specify, remember it’s always better to be overdressed. You can always look up pictures of the venue to get a feel for the atmosphere and a better idea of what would be appropriate to wear.

    (Note: Each product in the above photo will link out to it’s product page to showcase more styles via RewardStyle)


    What kind of shoes should I wear for different kinds of venues?

    No matter the venue, make sure to choose shoes you’re going to be able to wear, and importantly, to be able to dance in! I always find what I’m looking for at DSW. No matter the venue, check there for cute, comfortable, and affordable options.


    For a vineyard or garden wedding –

  • Opt for a block heel to avoid sinking into the ground at this outdoor venue. Plus, the thick heel is super comfortable, trendy, and pretty.


    For a beach wedding –

  • Choosing shoes to wear is difficult when you know you’re going to be walking on sand. Find a sandal, whether it’s a thick heeled wedge or flat, because you won’t want to be getting sand trapped in a closed-toed shoe.


    For classic venues –

  • The options are endless! You can find the perfect shoes that pair perfectly with your outfit or make a statement at first glance. Pumps are a good place to start and then you can narrow down your specific style from there.

  • Caila Quinn the bachelor wedding season shoe selects Los Angeles California
    Caila Quinn The Bachelor DSW Shoes Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

    How much money should I spend on a gift?


    While weddings and all celebrations are a lot of fun, you can end up shelling out a lot of money. Generally, the minimum gift amount should be $50. The amount from there depends on how close you are to the couple and your personal budget. Remember to only spend what you’re comfortable with — gift amounts are a personal choice and should meet you where you are in life.


    If it’s a destination wedding -

    • Already spending money on airfare, hotels, possible childcare and time off work, the couple getting married generally understands what they’re asking of their guests. It’s definitely okay to spend less than you typically would. Consider sending a small token as a gesture, such as donating to a charity or their honeymoon, or maybe a bottle of wine from the country and area of their ceremony.


    If you’re in the wedding party -

    • After months of engagement parties, bachelorette trips, and bridal showers, you’ve spent a lot of money on your close friend or relative. For the wedding gift, it’s totally fine to filter “prices low to high” (we all do it!) on the registry and pick one of the first items. Or, consider chipping in with the other bridesmaids to get a bigger, group gift. Remember, if you say yes to being in the wedding party, you say yes to all that comes with it, so consider that before committing.


    If you’re not able to attend the wedding -

    • There are mixed opinions in the wedding world on this one, and it really depends on your personal feelings and how close you are to the couple. You may want to send an inexpensive item from the registry as a token of congratulations, or check for an amount you are comfortable with. No matter what you decide, however, definitely write a heartfelt note on the card when you RSVP no to express your best wishes

    I’ll tell you guys: aside from the vows, my favorite moment of a wedding is when the band slows down the mood to play a slow song. Couples who have been together from 6 months to 40 years are called to the dance floor and get a moment to be reminded of their own love. For Nick and I, when “Can’t Help Falling in Love” plays, he always has to dab a tear from my face. When I hear those words, I can’t help but get swept away in the twinkly lights of the room. I need my feet to last in my heels 'til that moment of the night. I’ve found some cute and comfy heels at DSW that help me create these memories to last a lifetime. For all of you who have wedding plans, have the best time and let me know what you end up wearing!

    I hope in some small way I answered your questions and took some worry out of what to wear so you can enjoy yourself. Big thank you to DSW for partnering on this blog post and making it easy for me!