So I'm starting a book club for casual readers!



Welcome all you casual readers, vacation page turners, and on the flight kindle kinds of people. It is fall and after stumbling upon my January Bucket List I noticed the number one thing I wanted to do was read more… and with the year almost ending I haven’t completed one book! “That is horrible,” I thought to myself. But in reality I didn’t make feeding my soul through thoughtful narrative a priority. And you guys know what happens… life gets busy.

So with the changing of each season, I thought it would be fun to gather other casual readers that currently have a handful of half read books around the house and together read 4 books a year. This is a low commitment, no pressure group that can gather in corners of their home or local coffee shop to read at their leisure. So if you’ve thought to yourself, “ I really would love to read more.” I welcome you to join our little community on Instagram in Caila’s Corner.

Goals for the reading group:

  • Read 1 - 3 Chapters a week

  • Join in discussions in our Instagram Group

  • Instagram Live Chats

  • Reading Meetups

  • Giveaways

Whether you’re looking to read more or hoping to meet new friends in your city, hoping this community fosters a supportive group for those that live busy lives, but would still like to find their own little corner to enjoy a good book.

Caila Quinn casual Readers Book Club

And with that, I am thrilled to announce our first book!


by Elizabeth Gilbert

First book discussion over Chapter 1 will be this Sunday, October 13th at 6pm EST in an Instagram Live.

Hopefully you can pick up the book over the weekend, but no worries if not!

You can still enjoy Chapter 1 of the book, as I have recorded on IGTV in two parts.

Chapter 1 | Part 1

Chapter 1 | Part 2

p.s. It’s never too late to join our reading group, follow our Caila’s Corner instagram page to join and meet other casual readers like you!

Happy reading!