Sneaks into Spring

Spring with Nordstrom Rack

Happy Spring! Despite the salt stained sidewalks, the weather has been as bright as this freesia floral bouquet - creeping all the way up to 60 degrees here in New York! Recently I've been catching my breath after tackling the daunting todo list one finds after a long stint of travel. 

Finally back in the groove of things, I'm transitioning that winter wardrobe into spring and I noticed I don't have many casual cute dresses for that coffee meeting or errand day. Looking to stock my closet with easy out-the-door options, I just stopped by Nordstrom Rack and thought I'd share some easy denim dresses and casual kicks they have on sale.


I have to admit...  I'm falling in love with Keds all over again!! Nordstrom Rack sold out of the pair I'm wearing, but they still have olive and a few other options below all $30 or less!   

Since they just slip on and off, they are perfect for the security line at the airport with a pair of yoga pants or jeans. They were even as comfy as a cucumber when I wore them on Orlando Theme Park roller coasters with a solid black romper. And now... what can I say... I just wear them around the city when running errands, usually with a dark jean and casual tee, but today I'm pairing them with a denim dress. 


😂 Sometimes I have too much fun coming up with punny headers...

Wish I could have taken all these adorable shift dresses home, but maybe you could find one that best suits you? What I love about this effortless fabric is it's washable, you don't need to iron if you hang right out of the dryer, and it gets softer with time. The off the shoulder bell sleeve I'm wearing is great for a picnic you might have coming up or cheering on the sidelines at your local park. I'm wearing it to pick up flowers, because well... I never know who I'm going to bump into.. crossing my fingers that he's cute. 😉

with love caila
Spring with Nordstrom Rack