Scent of the Season - A Masculine Gift for Dad

Caila Quinn Stetson Cologne for a Masculine Gift for Dad from Walmart

My dad has always embodied traditional masculinity to me. He loves watches, adventure, and anything to do with cars and Formula One racing. Many of my favorite memories of my dad involve us on road trips or catching up in the car. On weekends, we used to wake up before the rest of the house to drive to the local Starbucks to get coffee for my mom before she’d wake up. I’ve always cherished these father-daughter drives where we talked about the week and what was going on in our lives. I’ll always remember the smell of the car’s leather seats and the feel of the warm coffee cups in my hands as we drove back home.



To me, masculinity is all about an air of confidence. What makes someone even more confident is having a signature scent that represents their personality. I was recommended the Stetson 3-piece gift set for the holidays because it comes with three rustic colognes - Stetson Rich Suede, Stetson Original, and Stetson Fresh - giving the recipient options to fit their mood each morning. I’m gifting the masculine figure in my life this thoughtful gift and thought you might love it too – so of course I had to share.

Caila Quinn Stetson Cologne for a Masculine Gift for Dad from Walmart


My dad means so much to me and I wanted to gift him a present that brought back the happy memory of our special coffee runs. The Stetson Rich Suede Cologne has a warm, woodsy, and leather smell that brings me right back to those Chagrin Falls streets. Stetson even added a shot glass in the packaging for a little added fun. I highly recommend this scent to give whoever in your life represents traditional masculinity to you!

The Rich Suede fragrance comes with two other amazing fragrances in the gift set. I’m so excited to be giving him this one that fits his personality along with two others to wear for different occasions. See below for a review of how the other two colognes smell:

Stetson Original

  • One sniff of the Stetson Original will make you feel like you’re in the old, American West. It smells of amber, outdoors, and musk with a slight floral scent for the perfect mix of soft masculinity. This scent is perfect for the man in your life who is out back chopping firewood this holiday season.

Stetson Fresh

  • This cologne is Stetson’s answer to light and citrusy masculinity. This clean scent is a great gift for the man in your life to wear in the summer or spring, or maybe on a trip to a warm climate to during the cold winter months.

All three fragrances are the perfect combination for the guy who represents masculinity to you. These are super affordable and can all be found at!