Not So Cold Shoulder.

Photographer:  Stephanie Sunderland

Photographer: Stephanie Sunderland


This peeky shoulder top really makes me feel like a City girl... casually put together... even if I'm putting on mascara on my walk to work. Finish the outfit off with the buckling of a good watch and you are ready for whatever the day might bring :)

A drum inside you beats deep and slow. The leather on your back firm as you watch a motion picture surround you. Taken by this current, you flow. A bump. An inner stillness ebbs along with the black car. Your driver speaks; not to you.

You are close and you inhale the anticipation like a freshly poured glass of red wine. 

Whether you open the door to a mansion of roses or the wink of a street light; you have arrived. 

Your shoulder is the first to peak out. Cold or ready to jump into fate's arms... it's all on you.