Natural Standout.

Natural make up and poppin' print make quite the pair. When powdering up, I like to keep it fresh with the dew of a BB cream and neutral powder foundation. I let my Peony Melted Too Faced Lipstick be the finishing stroke before being whisked away by the day's frivolity.

This easy BB Dakota Dress is something I picked up to be a fun basic that could be dressed up for a Babyshower... Graduation..  or down for brunching with the girls... a weekend trip... even a date. 



Inspired by spring.
a poetic diary just for you... 

You know... I've never known a tree to over do it. 

They adorn themselves with colorful details and stretch their arms with each morning's wake. Individual and unique, a single tree in the park can catch one's eye.

You both nod in passing. 

A muse or a gram, you capture that tree... for it's simplicity in that moment made it yours. 

Standing out with its natural beauty - till next you meet again. 

With love,