A Morning of Restoration with Moroccanoil

Caila Quinn Yoga & Moroccan Oil

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I have a little extra energy today as I'm writing this post. Last Thursday Moroccanoil® treated me and a few friends to a morning of restoration of hair and the body. I am still thinking about the heart-opening experience our instructor at The Class by Taryn Toomey brought us through.

Restore Your Body with The Class by Taryn Toomey 

"Be, Be, Be" she would chant like a drum to focus our energy on the present, as we stretched our limbs from tip to toe. It was my first time trying out this format of movement yoga, but I would recommend it for anyone looking for a release that will carry you through the work week. I truly loved it & will be back! 

Restore Your Hair with Moroccanoil®

After restoring our body, Artistic Director Kevin Hughes was kind enough to walk us through the restorative properties of the new additions to the Moroccanoil® Repair Collection so we could style and start the day. 

Light & Airy Heat Protectant 

With the Moroccanoil® signature scent that I can't get enough of, the Perfect Defense is a weightless, dry aerosol, heat protective spray. I've mentioned this in a previous blog post, but paper actually sets on fire at 450⁰F! Just like paper, your hair can burn & set on fire... you really shouldn't put your heating tools higher than 400-430⁰F. But just in case you crank up that curling iron to the max, the nourishing Argan Oil and vitamin- fueled formula of light spray re-hydrates the hair while protecting against the damaging effects of heat styling up to 450⁰F.


Not Just a Split End Mender 

Another new addition is the Moroccanoil® Mending Infusion vitamin-fueled ultra-lightweight Argan Oil-infused creme. You just pump a few drops of the quinoa protein-packed formula into your palms and apply to dry ends as a finisher. I've been using this non-stop for the past week and it tames any frizz, reduces dryness, and leaves silky soft "can I feel your hair" ends!

Whether in love, life's passions, or even with damaged hair - don't settle. This morning of restoration was a wonderful reminder of simple ways to feel like our best selves and be a #fearlessbeauty. 

With Love, Caila

p.s. Just like the instructor & the Moroccan Oil® Artistic Director enlightened me, I am going to leave you with one last nugget that with a deep breath will hopefully better your day. 

By just being you, you can free others to be themselves. 


Caila Quinn Yoga & Moroccan Oil
Caila Quinn Yoga & Moroccan Oil
Caila Quinn Yoga & Moroccan Oil

Thank you for reading along!

If you happen to try the Moroccan Oil Repair Collection would love to hear what you think...

or if you have any other tips or tricks for feeling restored would love to chat. 

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