International Travel: Everything You Need in Your Carry on Bag

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You pull up to the airport with 45 minutes before take off. Check your bag and are rushing through security.

You reach your hand in your carry-on and feel a hairbrush… 💭“no that’s not it”,

a pen cap… 💭“oh no, that’s going to make a mess”,

and some loose change… 💭“where is my darn passport?”

Why does our purse always feel like a black hole?! This flustered feeling is the last thing you want right before an international adventure… am I right? An organized carry-on makes any airport experience a breeze and helps you begin your trip on the right foot- which is just the ticket!

Caila Quinn The Bachelor Travel Blogger Carry on bag

MZ Wallace Carry-All Bag | Rose Gold Silk Calpak Neck Pillow | Hat

Eye Masks | Travel Currency & Passport Wallet | Marble Laptop Cover

After just returning from a 2 week trip to Europe, I thought I’d share exactly what I packed in my carry-on to make the trip… & life easier. Here are my…



  1. The Perfect Bag

    • The MZ Wallace Quilted Tote is so lightweight (seriously, it weights one pound!) and has padded handles so no matter what I put in it, it still feels like a cloud on my shoulder. It also has a zip top closure so I don’t have to worry about my belongings spilling out while I shove it under the seat in front of me. Also, this tote contains six interior pockets to keep everything organized and easy to find. For when I use a smaller purse during my trip, this bag rolls up really small so I can put it in my suitcase without taking up a ton of space.

  2. CalPak Memory Foam Silk Neck Pillow    

    • Sleeping on an international flight is a must to help with jet lag and becoming accustomed to the new time zone. So, sleep comfortably with this memory foam pillow instead of those awful ones that the airline gives out. The silk pillowcase makes it smooth and also is good for your skin and hair (other pillow cases can cause friction and cause hair damage). The case is machine washable so you can use and reuse for each trip you take. Plus, it fits perfectly in the MZ Wallace tote so you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of carrying a pillow around the airport!

  3. The Hat

    • I always take a hat on my international trips for the oh-so-essential photo opp. Not to mention great for both blocking out sun and rainy travel days. I recommend putting the hat in a carry-on over a checked bag so that it doesn’t get ruined. A hat never looks the same after it’s squashed in a suitcase, and hat boxes are just so inconvenient.

  4. Hudson and Bleecker Destination Travel Wallet

    • This travel wallet is a saving grace when it comes to making travel a smooth experience. It is easy to find in your tote which makes it so you don’t have to rummage through your bag frantically when looking for your passport. Whenever I travel, I think you should have a separate wallet for the local currency. Your usual wallet is organized with too many things that could be stolen. This unique travel one is conveniently labeled with one side for currency and the other with a zipper for your passport. This makes it so easy to quickly grab some cash whether you need some euros for an espresso or are bartering with yen.

  5. Zippered Bag of Loose Electronics and Sleep Essentials

    • This bag consists of items that it is possible I might need on the flight. Headphones, charger, chapstick, and melatonin are some of the items that I regularly put in. This way, everything is in one place and I won’t have to constantly open separate compartments while on board.

  6. Beauty Essentials

    • During a long flight, I love to pamper myself with a face mask or under eye mask. I love using one of Wander Beauty’s products at the end of the flight so that I land feeling awake and fresh. These items along with others such as hair ties, a spare Burt’s Bees chapstick, and a facial mist are kept in one of the size compartments on the MZ Wallace tote so they’re easily accessible when I need.

  7. Laptop

    • I always tell myself I’m going to do work on the plane…but I really end up watching a couple of movies 🙈Regardless if you use it in the air or not, it is essential to keep your laptop in your carry-on to protect this electronic with your life’s work on it. I’ve had friends who have had their laptops stolen out of their checked bags, not to mention the rough jostling checked bags go through in their passage from plane to baggage claim carousel.

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CailaQuinn Travel Blogger London trip Nkima Photography
Caila Quinn Travel Blogger London trip Nkima Photography

I can’t wait to see where you go on your next international trip! I'‘d love to hear your thoughts below ✈️ Don’t forget to check out these travel guides if you happen to be going to…