How We Met

Caila Quinn and Nick Burrello ABC's The Bachelor Couple

I remember seeing you walk in. Smiling.

The walls of the Wren were lined with hopeful singles, but to our table tucked away in the back of the bar you came without hesitation. The polite man you are… you introduced yourself to my bevy of girlfriends, saving me for last. “Pleasure to meet you,” I blushed in the dark.

He was even cuter in person.

My girlfriend Olivia had briefly pulled up a picture earlier that night in an effort to set us up. I really wasn’t even looking for someone at the time, having been in New York for over two years - I thought all the good ones had deserted. But Olivia sold me with, “ I feel like you guys are similar. He’s a thoughtful listener.” So from one party to this rustic bar, I trusted my friend.

He was a little goofy.

Being a blogger, he joked that he was one too. “Two dudes and a blog,” it was called. One of his closest friends and wingman that night even pulled it up on instagram a few minutes later… number of followers: 1. 😂

We moved from one bar to another.

Like my chilled glass of hard cider, our group of girlfriends dissipated at the sight of me trying to flirt. So all that was left was Olivia, her boyfriend, Nick, and I. We decided to go to my favorite place on earth and have some fun dancing.

We met at Acme*

The music that night had never been more on point. Shoulders popping, fingers snapping - we laughed at one another’s carefree moves. And it was in this underground speakeasy I felt his smile make me smile.

with love caila

*This is actually the name of a podcast… which solidifies my love of this underground speakeasy bar.

Caila Quinn and Nick Burrello ABC's The Bachelor Couple

If you have two friends you think might hit it off, don’t be afraid to put them in touch.

It’s kind of like paying it forward in the cosmic universe of love.

I believe in it so much, I’ll even share my texts with Olivia when she set us up.

Caila Quinn and Nick Burrello Texts
Caila Quinn and Nick Burrello Texts

photographed by the wonderful BeaTulum