Holiday Hosting


Hey you, 

As a single girl in the City, I enjoy hosting and bringing laughter into my studio apartment. The holidays are a wonderful time to bring friends together for a game night, Netflix and chill, or the simple Sunday dinner. I am very picky when it comes to decorating a table and I wanted an eclectic yet elegant entertaining set that matched my unique style. 

Decorating a studio apartment can also be tricky, because you want to make is feel as open as possible. For the longest time I was looking for a bar table set to highlight a dedicated dining area in a practical way. 

After seeing Becca Tilley & Amanda Stanton's homey decor, I connected with Lulu & Georgia and from the quirky yellow leather bar stools to the calming blue watercolor wall art - I couldn't image a dining space that is more me. 

I am in love with it! Already I've hosted 3 nights of one-on-one girlfriend dinners and feel more centered knowing my home is complete. Wishing you a holiday season with full tummies and wine glasses - cheers!

With love,

yellow bar stools // wall art