The Hold Me Tight Sweater

So grateful to be partnering with LOFT this winter to share with you some of my favorite sweaters


My Coffee Date in a Hold Me Tight sweater

One coffee is all it takes. First few sips, his words lead you into a forest of where have you been’s and so what do you do’s? In the warm arms of your sweater, you open up to him. His eyes have only your cup to wander, as they sit on the edge of something sweet. 

Weathering the first snow, we both entered the cafe topped off in white. Peeling off his coat, it revealed a plaid collar peaking out of a navy knit. It was an off day for him and we both matched in oversized sweaters - could’ve been a Christmas card. And I’m a girl so of course my mind went there. 

My hands were hugging the warm brim of my cup, when he tugged at the end of my sleeve. Pulling me into his story of adventures in South America. I imagine my resemblance of a heart eye emoji and before I knew it my cup ran dry. 

Our brief meet-cute ended with a casual walk through the park on our way to the train. Woven layers brushing against each other. Tucking away laughter in the pockets of my high waisted skirt. He hugged me. 

I blushed goodbye, until next our sweaters meet. 

LOFT Cozy Sweater & Metallic Skirt with Caila Quinn
LOFT Mustard Christmas Sweater Caila Quinn
LOFT Mustard Christmas Sweater Caila Quinn
LOFT Mustard Christmas Sweater Caila Quinn


The unique curve sleeve is something I haven't been able to find anywhere else. I have the pullover in gold and black, as well as the chunky knit cardigan, because I feel like LOFT sells out so quickly!

This cozy chunky knit is my favorite for a first date. 

Tucking your sweater into a metallic skirt is a femininely festive twist to the casual look.

Unfortunately, LOFT already sold out of my blue metallic skirt in this post, so I shared the shorts version that can be layered on top of tights in winter with a high boot. Pick up your favorites below before they're gone too. 

LOFT Cozy Sweater & Coffee with Caila Quinn
LOFT Mustard Christmas Sweater Caila Quinn drinking coffee

LOFT currently has 40% off everything sale!

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A great time to pick up last minute gifts and stock up on classic knits for the upcoming months. Here are a select few of my favorite sweaters for gifting. I just wrapped the orange sweater below for a girlfriend and wrote in the tag, "For my foxy friend." ;) 

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