his & hers Express denim - the perfect fit!

Caila Quinn & Nick Burrello in Express Jeans



Happy Monday guys,

Over the weekend, Nick & I hosted a styling event at our local New York City Express Store on 51st & Madison Ave. When the Express team reached out to us to help others find their own "perfect fit," firstly we were grateful they thought of us & secondly excited to share looks from a brand we both love to wear! 

Little background on our denim love affair.. 


His Jeans

When we first started dating, Nick actually didn't even own a single pair of jeans. haha I'm shaking my head, because it was so hilarious to me how he would wear dress pants during the work week and on the weekend. The thing is... he used to play college football and his athletic build makes most denim too tight on his thighs. He's a guy, so if he is even slightly uncomfortable... it's a no go.  

After trying trying denim on several shopping trips, I finally got him to commit to a pair of Slim Straight Dark Wash Stretch Jeans! The stretch is the key people. 🙌 They are the absolute perfect fit. Since then we've come back to Express for a few more wash options. And now I get to enjoy seeing him feel trendy as he cuffs his ends before date night or when he throws them on to grab a beer with the guys after work. 

Caila Quinn & Nick Burrello Express Jeans
Caila Quinn & Nick Burrello Express Jeans

Her Jeans

It took me a while to branch out from the standard super tight skinny jean that I secretly unzipped under the table after a big meal. 🙈I used to think that jeans were meant to be too tight and make you slightly nauseous when it's warm out. But that couldn't be farther from the truth! 

Let me tell you... the perfect fit is out there waiting for you to try on. And it's definitely at Express. 

No matter your shape or style preference, Express makes denim in original, stretch, and stretch+ fabrics that fit your lifestyle. I've branched out and added a few adorable high waisted denim options with rips, lace details, and some side stripes that I absolutely adore! 


What's your favorite denim style? light or dark wash? high waist? rips or embellishments? would love to hear in the comments below!

Caila Quinn and Nick Burrello Express Jeans
Caila Quinn and Nick Burrello Express Jeans
Caila Quinn & Nick Burrello in Express Jeans





Big thank you to Express for giving me the opportunity to work with my stylish man.

...and for honoring us with styling shoppers in their 51st & Madison store. 

We loved sharing our favorite denim styles & hope you find your "perfect fit" at an Express near you!

This blog post was sponsored by Express 💛