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Hair Food by Target with Caila Quinn

With spring floral buds bringing color to the city, thought I might warm up my look with subtle honey highlight hues to my ends. This ombre lightening makes hair details like twists, braids, and curls more noticeable then a matte dark finish. 

New to maintaining color, I learned all about the long lasting benefits of using less harsh products in and out of the shower to prolong a new look. Salon options can be expensive, but I actually found an alternative at Target. The key is to look for the words "Sulfate- Free..."


Sulfate- Free basically means less chemicals. Sulfates are added agents that create those bubbly suds... which I didn't even notice were missing once I made the switch to Hair Food's Sulfate Free collection! It had a rich lather that left my hair feeling clean and nourished. 

Hair Food by Target with Caila Quinn
Hair Food by Target with Caila Quinn


Found at Target, Hair Food Sulfate-Free Color Protect Collection has antioxidants in the formula to help prevent protein loss and hidden in bottle are amino acids to help protect hair’s overall health.

Transitioning from the dryness of winter I look for any way to add moisture to give my hair that fresh-from-the-salon silky look. So basically... don't skip out on the moisturizing conditioner. Together the pair protects hair color for natural luxurious shine. For those of you, like me, that don't shower everyday.. they also have a dry shampoo that I couldn't help but try out. 


I've only experienced the magic of dry shampoo in the past year and I love using it as a finishing touch before I head out the door. The Hair Food Sulfate Free Color Protect Dry Shampoo completes the set and absorbs oils for a naturally clean feeling - that smells wonderful too. 

Hair Food by Target with Caila Quinn

Oooo... Ahhhh, SMELLS SO GOOD

When picking a new shampoo and conditioner or anything that goes on my body, I have to admit - I let my nose make the final decision. Holding up my curls to my cheek and taking a deep breath, it smells SO delicious 🙈! The White Nectarine and Pear notes sealed the deal and I've been using the collection ever since. 

with love caila
Hair Food by Target with Caila Quinn

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