How I Curl My Hair. MakE A STATEMENT

Caila Quinn

Hey there,

Getting your hair ready this morning? Let me curl it. 

Although I'd love to be able to say that and come over, I'm going to let your hair speak for you. Straight to the point. A flirtatious fishtail braid. A confident curl. Hair has a way of reflecting an inner power. You choose the statement it makes, arming you to take on the day. 

Partnering with John Frieda Hair Care, they challenged me to think about what message my hair sends to the world. I love to think deeper into the "why"s of what we do.. and I was more than happy to share. I know who I am. 

I am a woman of curls. Big flirtatious hair that compliments my ambition to confidently walk into any room... or out of any limo. Laughing a little, as there is no surprise there. I can't get enough of them. With many questions and people asking, "How do you do your hair?"

It's finally time my thick locks and I share my everyday look. Curls, I never second guess.

Caila Quinn


1. Prepping the blow dry, lightly spray John Frieda® Frizz Ease® Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioner liberally on damp hair to take control of your look. I like to make sure I focus on my ends in addition to a few sprays on "fly away" baby-hair prone areas. Followed up with a quick detangling brush-through. 

Tip: Instead of a brush, I like to use my hands to work in the product and brush through tangles. This allows for more even distribution of product as well as a gentler touch preventing breakage. 

2. The blow dry is an important step to creating initial volume. Start by blow drying the bangs, making sure to lift the roots with your hand to get in the hair line and create the full body you're looking for. Then thoroughly dry at high heat and use your hands to smooth out fly-aways and section off in the process. Your hands are tools in creating a masterpiece, enjoy the process, maybe... put on some music to warm up for the day. 


Caila Quinn


3. Time to curl. Clip up the top half of your hair. Divide off the first section of the bottom layer of hair you'd like to curl. Use both hands to brush through and smooth out before clipping the ends into the curling iron barrel. Working the hair before heating and styling allows the hair to absorb the natural oils of your hands to create a sectioned unified curl.

Twist the hair around the barrel and make sure the ends are hiding away in the iron clip. By doing this, you are making a defined curl all the way to the very ends. Once you've curled the bottom layer of hair, remove the clip and finish the look.

Curl towards the face or away? To emphasize full bangs, I curl both sides of hair in the same direction. Starting with the left side, I curl inward toward the face and on the right side away from the face. 

Normally you will hear people recommend curling both sides outward, but to me that is reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett. Curling both sides of my hair actually makes my left cheek the focal point in pictures.. and I've kind of deemed that my good side haha.. we all have one. But that is my personal hair statement, as I consciously enjoy being a little bit of a rebel... starting with my curls. 

Tip: Use a 1 1/4 inch curling iron for big loose curls that hold all day long. With long thick hair, a smaller barrel curling iron will look unnatural and anything larger is more likely to fall out and not hold the weight of heavy hair.

4. Speak Volumes. Use John Frieda® Luxurious Volume® Dry Shampoo sparingly in your roots for added lift.... if you ask me, we can always use a little more volume. 

Tip: John Frieda Luxurious Volume is the only medium sized dry shampoo bottle I've been able to find for my purse. Normally they are too small and only last a week-ish and I would never walk around with a full size sticking out of my bag. For girls that like to control their volume on the go, I totally recommend seeing if it's the right size for your life style. 




My hair represents who I am. And I am proud of my curls.

Big thank you to John Frieda Hair Care for reminding me of the powerful woman I've made myself into. And for giving me the tools to be the one to define my statement hair.

I encourage you to join the Hair Talks campaign too - What is your hair statement? 


Comment with your hair statement below! 

Would love to hear if you chose head turning curls too. 

photographer: Be Light Photography

with love, caila