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Merry December everyone!

Welcome to Caila's Couch, my new mini YouTube Series this holiday season. My first guest is my good friend Sharleen Joynt a fellow blogger and Opera singer in the City. Today we had some fun playing the Bachelor Christmas Ornament Game & I hope you join in the fun. All you need to do is guess the ornament associated with the Bachelor contestant and if you get it correctly you decorate the tree with it. Comment below with how many you were able to guess - I'd love to hear!

A few fun facts about Sharleen and me, we actually both speak German and often practice when we are together. I studied abroad in Freiburg and Sharleen lived in Heidelberg for quite some time. We are both snowboarders... who always say we are going to plan a trip together, but never do haha. Oh and we are both hapas and proud of it! 

Thank you so much for joining in the fun. Spoiler answers to the Ornament Game Questions are at the bottom of this post if you are interested. And please enjoy Christmas decor and outfit details below.

With love,



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Popped by my local Target for decor & Paper Source for the ornaments. Sharing the details here: 

Caila Quinn & Sharleen Joynt Christmas Couch
Caila Quinn & Sharleen Joynt Christmas Couch
Caila Quinn & Sharleen Joynt Christmas Couch
Caila Quinn & Sharleen Joynt Christmas Couch
Photographer: @haus_of_el  Videographer: @greenthi102

Photographer: @haus_of_el
Videographer: @greenthi102



1. Irish Step Dancers - The Twins (Emily & Haley Ferguson)

2. Fish on a hook - Ben Higgins

3. Cake - Olivia Caridi

4. Doughnut - Becca Tilley

5. Piñata - Jubilee Sharpe

6. Dog - Jade & Tanner Tolbert

7. Baby Sea Turtle - Lauren Bushnell

8. Soccer Ball - Juan Pablo

9. Unicorn - Jojo Fletcher

10. Final Rose Ornament - Chris Harrison

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