Brands I Love: Biolage



Biolage didn’t ask me to write this post, but I’m sharing my love for them because it’s a love I’ve had for years. My first ever magazine feature was in 2017 in Allure Magazine titled, “The Bachelor’s Caila Quinn Spills Her Hair Secrets.” In this article, I didn’t hold anything back and shared every brand I let touch my precious curls. If you read, you’ll learn that my daily shampoo and conditioner routine from high school to when I was on the show was by the one and only Biolage.

The long-lasting salon scent and fresh feel made me fall in love at the first wash. Since then, I’ve tried the newest additions to their product line including all three Biolage Deep Treatment Hair Masks. My favorite is the SmoothProof Pack, I don’t want you guys to fall asleep to yet another hair blog post, but this is one new hair product you need to hear about.  


SmoothProof Pack – Promising smoother and frizz-free hair, this pack was easily my favorite. It tamed my unruly baby hairs and kept them in place for days. This treatment has been especially enjoyable since I’ve been going for a sleeker look with my new shorter cut.

HydraSource PackThis pack didn’t disappoint in its promises of more nourished and strengthened hair. I’ll be honest… as someone who already has thick hair, this treatment made my hair feel even thicker than normal! If you didn’t think that was possible, you should test it out for a few weeks. Hair changes with the seasons and I’m definitely going to save my last HydraSource Pack for the summer when my hair dries out a bit from the sun and needs another boost.


ColorLast Pack – I have virgin hair, so I can’t speak to this treatment mask keeping your dye vibrant. However, this pack did live up to its claims of making your hair feel healthier and stronger. My ends felt much thicker and less tangled, so I’m sure it will do its job if you are looking to protect your color.



1. Twist off the top and squeeze a quarter-sized dollop in your hand.

2. Run your fingers through your damp hair, massaging the product into your scalp and ends.

3. Leave in for 3-5 minutes as you shave, rock out to some music, or whatever else you might do in the shower.

4. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy your silky-smooth hair.


Hair is our best accessory so I love being honest with you guys about which products I love. Trust me, these Deep Treatment Hair Masks are worth trying! Plus, they contain a vegan formula and are good for the environment with biodegradable pouches. These small packs contain at least four applications…but you can definitely get more uses and still have plenty of product for all of your hair.