The Blog Sweat Test - 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Blogger

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Hey there,

So you are interested starting your own blog - this is so exciting! You should totally listen to that little creative voice in your head wanting a platform that is all your own. With many questions about my personal blogging journey, I've teamed up with Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant to share more! I also made a Blog Sweat Test below to help you guys figure out if you are ready to get started on your own brand! 



Making the dream of working in a creative field a reality didn't happen overnight. Months of late nights writing, running around town to take PR meetings, and waking up early to take sunrise photos required me to push myself. Because I hold myself to a high standard, I have the same expectations for my deodorant. I wouldn't recommend Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid if I didn't firmly believe in it's long lasting protection from unexpected sweat. I just apply it once in the morning and feel confident throughout the day - whether I bump into someone on the subway or am pitching my blog in a boardroom. Absolutely love it! Remember this if you take the Blog Sweat Test later and find yourself in need of a good deodorant - Secret Clinical Strength has you covered 😊

Secret Clinical with Caila Quinn
Secret Clinical with Caila Quinn

In the fall of 2016 I was working a full time job searching for a creative outlet. Instagram was great, but you can't really organize your content or write in depth. I loved reading new posts from bloggers like Go Fit Jo and Extra Petite for a while and felt inspired to start! 


I was in my early 20's and still trying to find myself. Thinking a blog would be a great place to connect with other millennials that enjoyed self-improvement, my first website was born. I made up this word monthful to describe a person that thoughtfully used their month to better themselves. Then each month I would learn a new skill and write about how I gained confidence by challenging myself. After three months with my monthful blog, I had written about becoming a fitness instructor, starting a YouTube channel, and cooking at home. 


Unfortunately before I started my monthful blog I didn't think about the sustainability of my topic. What if I don't finish in a month? What if I run out of things to try? What happens if I want to write about my other passions like beauty or travel? 

My topic was so niche that I quickly fell out of love with a blog that I worked so hard to make. Not knowing what to do next, all I felt was guilt over not loving it anymore and stress to make it work. 

The hardest decision I've ever made in my blogging career was admitting to myself that this topic was a failure, but being ok with learning from the experience. Next I took my time crafting a new blog theme... 2 or 3 months I think... and waited until I was confident in what I chose. 


After launching the blog I have today, With Love Caila - inspired by my love of letter writing, I continued to balance my 9-to-5 desk job during the day and writing for my blog at night. I will say, I was constantly busy running around New York City trying to balance both. Being prepared was key and thankfully I discovered Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid to keep me covered as I bounced from place to place. I did - and still do - apply it once for protection that lasts throughout the day - one less thing to sweat about 😊

With my ultimate goal to be a full-time blogger, I needed to make sure I could still be financially independent woman so I didn't rush quitting my job. It took about 8 months to track a consistent audience and then I took the leap!




With love caila



You have your blog idea. You think it's a hit, but you could use a second opinion before you invest all of this time and money on taking the leap. Well, I've compiled 5 key questions that will help you determine if your blog topic is the right one for you 😊

After you take the test below, scroll to the bottom to see how you scored! 

Blog Sweat Test
Secret Clinical with Caila Quinn


Did you put your blog topic to the test?! Hopefully you didn't sweat too hard over it.

Below are the correct answers. Get all 5 questions correct for an A+ from me & you get a glowing stamp of approval to start your blog! 

1. Why do you want to start a blog? 

a. 💰 the money  

b. ✍️  creative outlet

c. 😎 to be cool 

correct answer: b. 
Like they say on The Bachelor, make sure you're doing it for the "right reasons." With anything you invest time in, you should do it because you love it... not for the money or to "be cool." 

2. Do you read blogs yourself? Yes / No

If so, why? 

Do you like the person? Their theme? daily posts? 




correct answer: yes
But if you answered no, that's ok too! It's never too late to start checking out blogs and reading up on posts you're interested in. Finding other bloggers you like will help inspire your own content. I suggest having 3 bloggers you keep up with. For example, I follow Go Fit Jo for her for her empowering voice, Stephanie Jolly for home/cooking inspo, and Dress Up Buttercup for style.

3. True or False: The url, social media handles, and email address are all available for my blog.

correct answer: True!
This is critical for consistency. Start by checking GoDaddy to make sure your website name isn't taken. One tip, when in doubt use your name for your blog website - it's great for branding and something people are less likely to forget. 

4. How much time per week are you willing to invest in your blog?

a. 5 hours

b. 15 hours

c. 30+ hours

correct answer: they are all right!
Bloggers fluctuate with how much time they work on their site, but it's good to set that expectation before you start. If you answered "a. 5 hours" you might consider blogging a hobby, while someone that answered "c. 30+ hours" could find fulfillment with this being their full time job. 

5.  Is your topic sustainable?

Yes - I’ll be able to write about this for 5+ years! I think there is an audience that would be interested in my take, plus it doesn’t feel like work when I write/photograph/read up on my topic. 

No - It’s relevant right now. My niche topic may not exist in 3 - 5 years, but I’m passionate about it today though!

correct answer: yes! 
It's so important for your blog topic to be sustainable. If you don't think so then just scroll up and read the story about my greatest blogging mistake.
Secret Clinical Strength

Big, big thank you to Secret Deodorant for partnering with me on this post and making it possible! You encourage women to be independent and demand more – I admire your constant support & wonderful message! Secret Clinical Strength is available for purchase at Target and I recommend you try it out yourself – whether you’re starting a new blog or not!

with love Caila