Adorable Custom Christmas Cards for Every Budget

Adorable Custom Christmas Cards from Walmart

A traditionalist at heart, one of my favorite walks during the holiday season is the one to the Post Office after addressing the last Christmas card! With each step I can picture a friend seeing their name in twirly handwriting and slowly opening the envelope to find our biggest smiles sending their love. But before that Ahhhh feeling, still have to get over the biggest lump of coal... picking a photo and printing the card in time without it being too expensive. Since we only mail out one photo a year, it's really important to me to have a quality print on thick card stock... after all it might land on someone's fridge! 🙈

To makes things easier this year, I teamed up with Walmart and printed beautiful premium Christmas cards that were shockingly affordable.

Walmart has a large selection of artful designs to help you customize that special card online without spending a fortune. It's super simple too! Once you pick your design in Walmart Photo, you simply upload the photo of choice after selecting your preferred size, paper quality, and trim type. Personally, I recommend card stock paper with round edges - to me, it's classy with a hint of fun. 😉

The best part of these affordable prints isn't how great they come out, it's actually how quickly you can receive them too. Card stock paper cards usually take up to 2 weeks to ship, but I got mine in less than a week! You can also have them shipped directly to store in 3-5 days. Sometimes Christmas cards creep up on us, so you always have the option of matte or glossy paper that prints in as little as an hour. I tried those out too and the matte finish came out beautifully. 

I am in love with how our cards turned out this year! The Quinn family photo is from a fall wedding and we somehow managed to coordinate our outfits. The image quality came out so well, I think I might even frame it once the holiday season is over. I also printed a very small batch of cards for Nick & me. We are a new couple so we aren't mailing these out to a ton of people, maybe just our parents. But I wanted you all to see the wonderful print quality on the card stock so I'm sharing these personal cards that are kind of just meant for us. 

Unfortunately I have to run! Need to finish address this year's cards.

Please feel free to stay a while and check out my favorite Christmas Card designs at the bottom of this post. 

Also, would love to hear what you thought of the cards 💛 Leave a comment below or on the instagram pic, as I'll be randomly selecting 10 people to mail out our Christmas Cards to!

With Love Caila

Holiday Decor Tip: Use the Christmas Cards you receive as holiday decor! Clip them to any place around your home that has garland for that personal touch during the holidays. A bar cart, door frame, or banister make wonderful spots to display family memories. ✨



Adorable Custom Christmas Cards from Walmart
Adorable Custom Christmas Cards from Walmart
Adorable Custom Christmas Cards from Walmart
Adorable Custom Christmas Cards from Walmart
Adorable Custom Christmas Cards from Walmart




Tag me in your Christmas Card pics on instagram - would love to see how your cards come out! 

Big thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.