28 Day Fitness Challenge - Win a Year’s Supply of… 

Caila Quinn Fitness Challenge with Tampax Pearl Active


Anyone else need a little more motivation these days to work out?

For the past few months I’ve put fitness on the back burner to coffee dates, late night work sessions, and that infamous feeling of, “I’ll start next Monday.”

A little competitive, I find including others to be the best nudge to get me out the door.

So.. this February, I’m partnering with Tampax Pearl Active and Walgreen’s and...

I’m committing to 28 Days of Fitness - would love for you to join me!!

Why 28 Days?

  • It takes 21 days to form a habit

  • There are 28 days in February! - it’s kind of perfect 😉

  • One of those weeks, you will most likely have your period - let's fight through it together.


If You’re Like Me Sometimes You Use Your Period As An Excuse….

For us ladies, another challenge to working out every day of the month can be the “P” word. 🙈 That one week where excuses get the best of us and in the back of our mind we can't help but think, “I wonder if anyone notices I’m on my period.” So to combat this fear, I’ve compiled…


3 Secrets to Working Out on your Period

  1. Adjust your training routine. Not sure if you’re in the mood for high-intensity cardio during that time of the month? Try a different type of workout, all that matters is that you stay active and on track with your goals

  2. Make sure to use the right type of protection, I always go with Tampax Pearl Active because it’s  MotionFIT™️ protection moves with me, for up to100% leak-free workouts. Plus their new packaging is super cute

  3. Drink Extra Water, let’s be real… you’re losing fluids.

Overall you should know it’s good to workout during your time of the month. It helps relieve anxiety and headaches. Plus, you push past that little voice in your head that prevents you from reaching your fitness and personal goals.

Caila Quinn Fitness Challenge with Tampax Pearl Active

What’s the Workout?

This part is up to you! You know your limits and when you’re challenging yourself. The only stipulation to being a part of the 28 day fitness challenge is that you workout all 28 days. This means pushing through your period and not losing those days of the month.


3 Types of Workout Routines to Switch It Up

  • Run - This is what I’m doing! Going to run just 2 miles every day for the whole month. No pressure on the pace or distance. For me it’s all about consistency

  • Class - Sweat it out with cardio kickboxing, barre, strength training, cycling, aerial yoga, or all of the above. Learning from a professional can be a fun conversation starter and way to get together with friends. I still have the dance fitness class Banana Skirt on my list of things to try in NYC.

  • App - Wherever you go, bring your workout with you. I’ve heard raving reviews of Kayla Itsines App. But personally I stick to tracking apps for running like the Nike Training App. Let me know if you’ve used any - would be curious what works for you.

What Can I Win?!

I have a year’s supply of Tampax Pearl Active and some fun swag to give away! To get active in the conversation tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #GetInMotion to show me how you are going to stay active and on track for this year.


From pulsing at barre class to running with your dog in the park, Tampax Pearl Active offers you protection while you #GetInMotion.

Can’t wait to see your sweaty selfies! !


below is my version, since I'll be running all month long 😊

Caila Quinn Fitness Challenge with Tampax Pearl Active
Caila Quinn Fitness Challenge with Tampax Pearl Active

So where can you buy Tampax Pearl Active?

For all my NYC ladies: around the corner! AKA Duane Reade or Walgreen’s.

If you don’t live in NYC, all Walgreen’s locations carry Tampax Pearl Active in the feminine care aisle. Make sure you search for this new packing from Tampax Pearl Active! The box is white so it stands out on shelf and has these active ladies on the front. One’s running and one is striking a yoga pose. Also you may or may not run into me at either Duane Reade or Walgreen’s... I’m obsessed. If you’re into buying your tampons online, check out this link. I totally recommend buying the box that includes multiple absorbencies. This way you are protected from your heaviest days to your lightest. Also, if you’re in the market for tampons right now, check out this awesome deal from Walgreen’s. Buy 2 boxes of Tampax Pearl Active ALL for just $9.28 which means over $9.70 savings at Walgreens!

Coupons are valid through 3/3/18.

Who’s ready to #GetInMotion?