2 Braids I Wear When I want to feel my most Confident


When it comes to starting a new chapter, I always want to feel my most confident. Right now I’d really like to make some friends in my new apartment building since it feels like there are quite a few trendy girls my age. I already imagine inviting them down to my floor for the newest episode of This is Us or to go on a mom walk on the Brooklyn Bridge on days work is lighter. Would be so nice to have a girlfriend in the area… so at the end of this month when our community rooftop has its opening party I definitely want to make a good first impression.

One way I feel my most confident is to change up my typical hairstyle by adding a braid. Have a braided look you’re loving these days? If not, check out my inspo below!

Fun Little Tip: Because braids and hair parts show so much scalp, use Head & Shoulders in the shower to prevent any flake-tastrophes. I’ve been using the Smooth & Silky Shampoo and Conditioner for over five years because it helps me make a good first impression with a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. If you haven’t tried Head & Shoulders before, the soothing lather leaves your scalp and hair feeling moisturized while keeping you 100% flake free. People you meet will walk away remembering your epic braid, great-smelling hair and witty humor.

Caila Quinn Head & Shoulders
Caila Quinn Hair The Bachelor Head & Shoulders Shampoo & Conditioner

Side Bang Fishtail Braid

This romantic look is great for a first date or a fifth one! I recommend starting to braid the fishtail at the highest point possible so there is more detail for others to enjoy, but totally up to you.

I love an exaggerated front bang that effortlessly frames the face and keeps your hair in one place. (To me it looks like Ariel’s hairstyle, which is why I call it the Princess Part 🙈)


Double Dutch Buns

Powerful and bold, these dutch braids make an entrance into any room. Whether you’re throwing on a jersey to cheer on your crush’s favorite sports team or trying to make new friends in yoga class, you want to make a good impression. This standout look will do just the trick!

Fun Little Tip: Pull the woven bits to loosen the braid or create textured messy buns for a more casual and playful hairstyle.


Big thank you for Head & Shoulders for partnering on this post! You’ve always given me the confidence to take on the day, couldn’t wait to share my flake free braids with everyone.