Hustle & Bustle

Please pardon my tardiness as I haven't posted in a while. You all have been so kind and I couldn't thank you enough for your support. With a few surprises coming this week, I thought I might frame things with... 

A little Life in New York City update.

An adventurous tomboy growing up in the Midwest, I never pictured myself exchanging a set of car keys for a Metro Card. But as much as I love the outdoors, the thought of trying something new is even more exciting!

In May I accepted an offer in Manhattan, folded up my life like origami, and settled into a cozy studio apartment. Sprinkling a little hustle & bustle brought both moments of laughter and exploration.

With too many stories for one post, I thought I might sew them together instead with...


The 5 phases of moving to New York City... 

1. Of course I'll see you there!

Frosé on rooftops. Shakespeare in the park. Sunrise surfboard yoga. Cheers to the "yes" phase!

2. Did I really just see that?!

Cue man sharing more than a sandwich with his dog...

3. Swipe left. 

So easy to meet new people, but connecting with a set few is key. Decluttering inbound texts and reducing the "we should get together sometime" casual encounters feels really good. 

4. I'll take two of each please.

Treat Yo' Self.. The "I work hard, I deserve it" phase.

5. I need a vacation. 

When phase 4 just doesn't cut it. 

6. Cheers - to one of the greatest cities in the world.

Then there is this moment... sunset flickering over the Hudson River between buildings, the laughter of your friends making you smile, wine in hand and you are home. To a city that brings people together, challenges you, and opens your eyes to experiences like never before - good ol' N Y C.  

Thank you to this amazing team <3    styling:     @wynndbycamille (   )    hair and makeup  : @michelleeliseartistry (  )                              photographer:   @kaylacoleslaw                            (

Thank you to this amazing team <3 

styling: @wynndbycamille (

hair and makeup: @michelleeliseartistry (

                          photographer: @kaylacoleslaw


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